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Twitter Fail! 15 Things You Should Never Do On Twitter



Everyone’s on Twitter. Your friends, your colleagues, your boss, your kids, and even a whole bunch of pets,inanimate objects and fictional characters. Businesses too, and in increasing numbers. According to a survey by Constant Contact that was released in March 2013, 25 percent of small businesses are now using Twitter, compared to only 7 percent last year. A 2012 survey found that Twitter was the most popular social network among big companies, with 73 percent of Fortune 500 companies reporting that they have a Twitter account.

It’s not all hype. Twitter can be a great marketing tool. It can be a great way to network. It’s awesome for content marketing. Unless you mess it up, in which case you’ll probably end up looking like an idiot … or at least lose a few followers.

Want to get it right? Check out 15 things you absolutely should not do on Twitter in my new post on Techopedia.com.


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The Data Security Gap Many Companies Overlook



If you’ve never seen a line of kindergarteners marching out of a schoolyard hand in hand, the drill goes something like this: Count the kids, file them out, count them again as they file back in. That’s how a teacher ensures that everyone’s accounted for.

It sounds like common sense, but unfortunately, a lot of companies could learn something from this simple exercise when it comes to securing digital information. As the amount of data stored digitally continues to increase, companies are doing all kinds of things to secure private and corporate information. The problem is, many are leaving a gaping hole wide open when they dispose of old computers and other IT equipment.

Companies face many risks when it comes to data breaches. Some occur digitally, some occur when a piece of hardware is stolen from the site, but the one we tend to hear about least often is the risk of disposing of IT assets.

So what can companies do to ensure they’re protected from all sides? I talked to Kyle Marks, CEO of Retire-IT, about some of the most common risks companies face during disposal. Check it out in my new post on Techopedia.com.

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9 Cool Ways Companies Are Using the iPad



If you own an iPad for personal use you’re probably more than aware of its ability to distract. It’s why airport waiting areas and subway trains are increasingly filled with row upon row of bowed heads and the soft sounds of finger taps and swipes. But while there’s no question that the iPad is great entertainment – and has largely been marketed as such – it and other tablets are increasingly sneaking their way into the business world too. In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook famously said that nearly every company in the Fortune 500 was testing iPads. Now, evidence is mounting that many companies – big and small – have jumped on the tablet bandwagon and put the iPad to work. Check out a few of the innovative ways companies are using it in my new post on Techopedia.com.

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Big Data’s Got a Problem, But It Isn’t Technology



Big data is facing a big problem these days, and interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with technology. Nope, this is a public relations problem, wherein big data is bit like Tom Cruise’s infamous couch-jumping antics on Oprah: Everyone was talking about it, but most people had no idea what it meant (and the rest probably didn’t care). For celebrities, obscure hype can be a welcome jackpot. When it comes to business and technology, however, buzzwords like big data don’t always bridge the gap between the CTO who wants to implement big data and the CEO who wants to know why.

A full definition of big data may still be up for debate, but what no one’s arguing about is that big data is getting bigger by the day, with corporate data exploding year over year and social media interactions stretching into the hundreds of millions per day. And as business of all kinds become increasingly digital, the amount of data out there is set to get even bigger still. That’s why understanding how big data can help is so important. So let’s take a look at how big data might be defined – and why nailing down that definition is becoming increasingly valuable to businesses of all sizes. Check it out in my new article on Techopedia.com: tchpd.co/13eOXEN 

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Understanding Bits, Bytes and Their Multiples



The terminology that goes with understanding the most basic concepts in computer technology can be a real deal breaker for many technological neophytes. An area that frequently trips people up are those terms that are used to measure computer data. Yes, we’re talking about bitsbytes and all their many multiples. This is an important concept for anyone who works in depth with a computer, because these measurements are used to describe storage, computing power and data transfer rates.

Check out a simple explanation about what these measurements mean in my new post on Techopedia.com: tchpd.co/VEUle7 

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Top 7 Tech Jobs With the Most Opportunity

Flickr/Louish Pixel

When it comes to top tech companies, we often hear about office utopias with free food, places to nap and other unique perks that most people don’t even dare to dream of, never mind seek them out. But while a vibrant corporate culture and company recreation make great news, what many people really care about when it comes to the daily grind is getting ahead. Perks are just that, but most employees want concrete benefits in exchange for hard work, and the opportunity to be promoted.

 has come up with a list of companies that get top marks for opportunity – that often elusive career coup – based on ratings from real employees. We looked into the top-ranked IT companies on the list and provide some insight into how job seekers can get a foot in the door. Check it out in my new article on Techopedia.com: tchpd.co/U8U2J0 

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Windows 8 for Small Business: Upgrade or Wait?

Flickr/Microsoft Sweden

Windows 8 is the biggest Windows update in years, and it has IT people scrambling to decide whether to upgrade or wait to see how things unfold for other companies. For small businesses, the decision carries even more weight: according to a surveyreleased by Staples in June 2012, 64 percent of small business owners perform their own IT and other network maintenance. That means if there are big glitches, small business owners are really going to feel the pain very directly to the bottom line. Despite that, the survey also found that of those who were aware of Windows 8, 70 percent had upgrade plans in place.

I asked business owners whether they planned to upgrade to Windows 8 or wait. Find out what they said in my new post on Techopedia.com: http://bit.ly/Snnk7h

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For Customer Service, Please Click ‘Tweet’

Flickr/Faux Photography by Andyofne

When Peter Shankman tweeted that he’d like a porterhouse steak from Morton’s Steakhousewaiting for him when he landed at the Newark airport in New Jersey in August 2011, he probably didn’t expect it to happen. But when a limo pulled up with a Morton’s employee, steak and sides in hand, it made news.

So was this the greatest customer service of all time? A “twitacle”? Or just a PR stunt designed to leverage Shankman’s 100,000+ Twitter followers?

It’s hard to say. But here’s an even better question: Why is it that in most cases, it’s hard to get any customer service at all – whether at a restaurant or your local Internet service provider? According to a study by mystery shopping service STELLAService, the average response over Twitter isn’t that sparkling either; only 40 percent of customer service complaints delivered this way are answered within 24 hours. But when companies do respond, they tend to do so in a big way. Find out why in my new article onTechopedia.com: http://bit.ly/MrqUtb

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7 Sneaky Ways Hackers Can Get Your Facebook Password


Facebook. Chances are you either hate it or grudgingly feed your daily addiction to friends’ updates, photos and posts. But while users continue to build out their online lives, the risk of having all that personal information out there in cyberspace continues to grow. Sure, many Facebook hackers do little more than post spammy links, but when hackers gain access to your account, it can also provide them with enough personal information to steal your identity. So how do these cybercriminals get a hold of your password? Check out some of the key strategies and find out what you can do to protect yourself in my new article on Techopedia.com: http://bit.ly/NiNZlE

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How to Become an IT Director: Tips from the Top


Hoping to lead – rather than follow – orders some day? Join the club. Plenty of IT pros aspire to executive jobs, but only a few succeed at being promoted to the top. So how can you make it happen?

That might help.

Can’t hurt.


But there’s something that’s more important than all that, and you won’t find it in a book. Bill McGloine, IT Director at Korg USA, Inc., a creator and distributor of electronic musical equipment, calls it “brute force.” And he would know. When he started working at Korg in 1996, he had no college degree, no credentials and was shipping boxes in the company’s distribution center. By 2009, he was heading up Korg’s IT department, which oversees all the traditional IT services and creates custom software for Korg.com. So how did he get there? Read the whole story in my new article on Techopedia.com: http://bit.ly/KDbvUg

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