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Twitter Fail! 15 Things You Should Never Do On Twitter



Everyone’s on Twitter. Your friends, your colleagues, your boss, your kids, and even a whole bunch of pets,inanimate objects and fictional characters. Businesses too, and in increasing numbers. According to a survey by Constant Contact that was released in March 2013, 25 percent of small businesses are now using Twitter, compared to only 7 percent last year. A 2012 survey found that Twitter was the most popular social network among big companies, with 73 percent of Fortune 500 companies reporting that they have a Twitter account.

It’s not all hype. Twitter can be a great marketing tool. It can be a great way to network. It’s awesome for content marketing. Unless you mess it up, in which case you’ll probably end up looking like an idiot … or at least lose a few followers.

Want to get it right? Check out 15 things you absolutely should not do on Twitter in my new post on Techopedia.com.

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For Customer Service, Please Click ‘Tweet’

Flickr/Faux Photography by Andyofne

When Peter Shankman tweeted that he’d like a porterhouse steak from Morton’s Steakhousewaiting for him when he landed at the Newark airport in New Jersey in August 2011, he probably didn’t expect it to happen. But when a limo pulled up with a Morton’s employee, steak and sides in hand, it made news.

So was this the greatest customer service of all time? A “twitacle”? Or just a PR stunt designed to leverage Shankman’s 100,000+ Twitter followers?

It’s hard to say. But here’s an even better question: Why is it that in most cases, it’s hard to get any customer service at all – whether at a restaurant or your local Internet service provider? According to a study by mystery shopping service STELLAService, the average response over Twitter isn’t that sparkling either; only 40 percent of customer service complaints delivered this way are answered within 24 hours. But when companies do respond, they tend to do so in a big way. Find out why in my new article onTechopedia.com: http://bit.ly/MrqUtb

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