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8 All-Natural Ways to Beat Sore Muscles

Flickr/Aidan Jones

Flickr/Aidan Jones

The day after the first time I ever lifted weights, my muscles were so sore that it was almost too painful to sit down. That was actually pretty handy, because I didn’t have the strength to stand back up again unless I had something to hold on to. I may have overdone it a little.

It wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve run marathons, I’ve lifted weights, I’ve rock climbed, I’ve cycled, and I’ve strained myself into all kinds of places my inflexible body didn’t want to go in yoga. And I’ve been sore. Very, very sore.

Frankly, I’m not sure I know when to stop. Fortunately, this isn’t about fitness advice; it’s about sore muscles. And, thanks to my intemperate approach to exercise, I have learned a few highly effective ways to treat those aches and pains and get back on track. Check out eight of my best sore-muscle remedies in my new post on WideBread.com

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