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How to Crash and Burn in a Recession


Preparing for a recession is a little like preparing for a freak snowstorm – the most you can do is hope for the best. Or is it? When the media is blaring like a siren of economic doom and everyone’s scurrying to take cover, it can be hard not to fall in lock-step right along with them. Indeed, here are some of the common moves people make when the economy heads south. But be forewarned: in many cases they’d be better off just sitting tight. Read more in my new article on GoldenGirlFinance.ca: http://bit.ly/N3GHCg

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How to Stay Broke – Forever

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You have no savings or investments – and you haven’t even thought about retirement! But hey, you have a new car, a beautiful new house and enough power suits to last you until you’re 100 years old. Plus, if you still have plenty of available credit, who cares about the bottom line when life is this good? 

I wrote my most recent piece for a laugh, but what isn’t funny is how many people really live like this. Read the rest of my article here: http://www.goldengirlfinance.ca/articles/10-ways-to-stay-broke-forever-why-be-rich-when-you-can-have-this-much-fun#GoldenGirlFinance

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