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20 Cute, Creepy, Campy, and Scare-You-Stiff Halloween Movies for the Whole Family

Flickr/sean dreilinger

Flickr/sean dreilinger

I’ve always loved scary movies, and while my parents tried their best to herd me toward more age-appropriate television, I did my best to seek the opposite. If I was terrified, I was hooked.

Psychologists say that some people are wired to respond to the adrenaline rush that comes with scary movies. These are the same people who tend to like roller coasters (which I do).

I’ve compiled a list of 20 of my favorite flicks for Halloween and have grouped them for different audiences and age groups. Check them out on WiseBread.com – and watch the scariest at your own risk.

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Kids Want Everything? How to Tell Them No


Unless you’re of the Rockefeller-rich kind, your kids probably can’t (and shouldn’t) have everything they want. And yet, as any parent knows, that isn’t going to stop them from asking, begging, pleading and whining every time a new iPod accessory, dancing robot or outrageous pair of skinny jeans becomes available. How can a parent say no and actually get their child to listen and understand?!

Find out how to tell your kids they can’t have everything, and teach them a little bit about finance in the process, in my new article on GoldenGirlFinance.ca: http://bit.ly/Ohc8We

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Attachment Parenting: Money-Saving Motherhood?

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If you’ve seen the most recent cover of Time magazine, you might be surprised to learn that the story is less about the shock value of a woman breast-feeding a three-year-old child, and more about the method of parenting that inspired it — attachment parenting. The amount of time attachment parents must devote to their children is part of what makes this parenting method so controversial, but it may also be what makes it a great way to save money as a parent. Read more about it in my new post on GoBankingRates.com: http://bit.ly/McY1D3

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