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4 Financial Lessons From “Fifty Shades of Grey”



I have a confession: I read “Fifty Shades of Grey.” All of it. And before you judge me, you should know that even if you haven’t read it, chances are many of your neighbors, co-workers, and family members have. For all the terrible reviews it got, the series (yes, there are three books) sold 70 million copies worldwide. Statistics don’t lie, people.

At any rate, I read this book not for the fantasy, not to get to know the ins and outs of what everyone else was talking about (and there were a lot of ins and outs in this book). No, I read it strictly in search of financial lessons. I’m really that professional. It’s just the way I roll.

Or at least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

So, without further ado, check out four financial lessons you can learn from “Fifty Shades” in my new post on WiseBread. Because that’s what you were reading it for too… right?

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Work-at-Home Reality Check: 6 Myths to Get Over Now

Flickr/EU Social

Flickr/EU Social

Rolling out of bed when you feel like it, kicking back in your stretchy pants and maybe squeezing in a jog at lunch. That’s what working from home is all about, right?

Well, that depends on whether you need to make any money. Although working at home can provide a lot of flexibility, the fact that you don’t have to trudge off to the office to put in your time often makes it feel like a perpetual weekend. For many people, that isn’t a good thing.

On the other hand, working at home can indeed work and be a great way for disciplined do-it-yourselfers to squeeze a little more into each day. We talked to Jennifer Forest, author of “Work Women Want: Work at Home or Go Part-Time” She interviewed work-at-home women about their jobs, their lives and how they make money. Get the lowdown on what working at home is really like…and what it isn’t in my new article on GoldenGirlFinance.com.

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Why You Should Nurture the Entrepreneur in Your Kid



When we look at our kids, we don’t typically think of them as mini business moguls. But maybe we should. After all, children are naturally smart about money; it doesn’t take them long to figure out that the world is full of things they want and that many of those things include a price tag. Where parents often struggle is in balancing providing for their children with teaching them how to provide for themselves. Rather than just giving them the money to buy whatever their little hearts’ desire, some parents might be surprised to learn that the answer may be teaching them how to earn it – and starting young.

At least that’s what Gail Haynes, author of “The Lemonade Stand Millionaire: A Parent’s Guide to Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Kids”, believes. In fact, she suggests that teaching and encouraging entrepreneurship in kids right from the get-go is part of a sound financial education.

Don’t worry – we’re not talking about a hard-driving campaign to make your 2-year-old the next Mark Zuckerberg. Instead, it’s about helping kids build the confidence to do anything, no matter where their interests lead them into adulthood; and, ensuring they have the money skills to keep them from landing where so many adults have fallen before: broke, in debt and out of options.

Why should you nurture little entrepreneurs? Check out a few key reasons why it’s fundamental to any child’s financial education in my new post on GoldenGirlFinance.com.

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5 Signs You’re Meant to Be an Entrepreneur



Want to start your own business? Before you start hunting for that one great idea, the question to ask yourself might be “why”? If the answer is that you long to become fabulously rich, you’d better just slink back into your cubicle and call it a day. Research by Dr. Kathleen Vohs at the University of Minnesota has determined that not only is money a bad motivator, but that chasing it – as opposed to less tangible goals – can actually doom a business.

The reality is that starting a business is a real test of personal work ethic and internal fortitude, one that often doesn’t even deliver enough to make a living, let alone build an empire. Entrepreneurs who take that risk are able to do so precisely because they’re motivated by things other than money. But there’s some irony here in that those who fail to follow the money are more likely to find it in the end.

With that in mind, check out some signs that you have the right personality to propel a new business – and to profit from it – in my new article on GoldenGirlFinance.com.

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Small Business Owners: Tech Treats to Sweeten Your Returns



There’s a bit of a divide between small business owners when it comes to technology; some jump at a new opportunity to leverage their business, while others eschew all things technical as fads. And to be fair, tech is full of fads. The problem is, even one-hit tech wonders can make a major impact before they fade from memory. And while many business owners see the Internet, social media and other tech tools as complicated and unnecessary, the reality is that it is exactly this type of innovation that can help small business owners leverage their oh-so-limited capital.

If you’re passionate about your line of business but puzzled about how new-fangled technologies fit in, check out these tech treats in my new article on GoldenGirlFinance.ca: http://bit.ly/UeQK5N

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Expert Tips for Boomers Who Want to Start a Business

Flickr/Steve Bowbrick

You might assume that those in their 50s are pining for retirement, but in a surprising twist, a new survey from TD Canada Trust shows that what boomers really want to do is start a business of their own. According to the survey, 39 percent of boomers were considering making one last career move, while 15 percent had already taken the plunge. But while boomers certainly have the knowledge, experience and energy to make waves in yet another arena, new business owners face some serious risks, especially as they approach retirement. We talked to Dan Demers, Vice President at TD Canada Trust, about what late-in-life entrepreneurs need to think about. Check it out in my new post on GoldenGirlFinance.ca: http://bit.ly/QSCoGv

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From Typewriter to Twitter: Entrepreneur Nancy Mudford on Working the Online World

A 2011 Gallup poll conducted in the United States found that more than half of workers weren’t engaged at their jobs. In 2003, Nancy Mudford was one of those people. Working as a customer service manager for a major telecommunications company, she had achieved the “cushy job,” but had hit a dead end. She wanted not just to make money, but to create something – and achieve some independence and flexibility in the process. So in 2003, she quit and opened Le Petit Spa, a full service day spa in Vancouver.

Today, she’s sold that business and started another, Spa Boutique, an online destination for beauty products and advice. She’s also landed on Profit Magazine’s W100 list of top female entrepreneurs – twice. So how did someone with no business education – and no experience in the spa and beauty industry – become an entrepreneur with a multimillion-dollar business?

The same way she learned about technology, Twitter and taking care of business: as she went. Read more about this entrepreneur in my new article on GoldenGirlFinance.ca: http://bit.ly/UtDRcy

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Lessons from Sammie Kennedy: From Couch Potato to CEO…to Profit W100 winner

Statistics show that more than half of people blow their New Year’s resolutions within six months. Sammie Kennedy kept hers – and kept right on going into a new career as an entrepreneur and one of Canada’s most successful female business owners. But that first resolution wasn’t to start a business. In fact, it was much simpler; in 2005, Kennedy resolved to get in shape. By 2010, she was on Profit Magazine’s W100 list of the top 100 female entrepreneurs (an honor she repeated in 2011) as the founder and CEO of Booty Camp Fitness Inc., providing fun, inclusive fitness programs to women across Canada.

If you’re wondering how she did it, we were thinking the same thing. So we asked her how she went from a self-professed couch potato to the kick-butt CEO of a growing business. Check out what she had to say in my new article on GoldenGirlFinance.ca: http://bit.ly/QKZz9s

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Hello Crafty Lady! How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business


Raise your hand (from your laptop) for a moment if you fantasize – on Monday mornings in particular – about ditching the rather mundane nine-to-five paycheque to start your own creative business. Yes, even if you’re already making a few bucks with your one-of-a-kind bags, beauty products or bling, it can be hard to make the leap from doing something as a hobby to doing it for a living.

Fortunately for those who fall into this category, Jenna Herbut has walked in your mid-heel work pumps. That’s why the founder of ‘Make It: The Handmade Revolution’, a crazy-cool craft show/party that hosts events across Canada, recently came up with a new idea: Make It University, a program designed to help “crafty entrepreneurs” take their hobbies to the next level. Herbut’s been making her way in the world of business since launching a line of fabric sash belts (Booty Beltz!) fresh out of university. And in the eight years she’s been her own boss, she’s gone through all the highs, lows and mistakes that come with being a business owner. So how can aspiring entrepreneurs turn their creative efforts into cold, hard cash? Check out Herbut’s top tips in my new article on GoldenGirlFinance.ca: http://bit.ly/IiQQT6

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