6 Super-Cool Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs

When you’re working at a job that you hate, sometimes there’s only one antidote to cure your stress, boredom, anger, and frustration: quitting. Most of us have indulged in a few fantasies of finally walking out the door, of telling the boss what you think of her, of reclaiming your dignity, of showing that manager what you’re made of, of never looking back… but unfortunately, those outrageous abdications of gainful employment are easier said than done. After all, you probably need the money. And a good reference. Dignity be damned.

Oh well. If shouting “I quit!” isn’t in the cards for you right now — or ever — at least daydreaming about it can help make the day more bearable until you professionally, respectfully, resign.

Check out a few people who threw caution to the wind and quit their jobs in a spectacular fashion in my new post on Wise Bread.


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