5 Painless Ways to Manage Money With Your Partner



Whenever I see a talk show or reality show that deals with finances, I’m always most amazed by the couples.

“She makes about $60,000 per year … I think.”

“I know he has credit card debt, I just don’t know how much.”

These are the kinds of things I hear people say about their spouses and their money. When you’re sharing bills, a household, and (hopefully) a future, it seems a little insane that so many people aren’t on the same page. Or haven’t even talked about what page they’re on. Not before they were married, not after, and not even when they land in major financial trouble.

Not that managing money as a couple is easy. It isn’t. That said, there are few key things that couples can do to help get — and stay — on the right financial track. Check out the top five in my new post on WiseBread.


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