10 No-Stress Ways to Do More in Less Time



Sometimes I work too much. There, I said it. It shames me a bit, to be honest. But what really bothers me about that scenario, when it happens, is that I don’t accomplish wonderful and amazing things. At all. Instead, I get really tired, and really grouchy, and I work more and more slowly and ineffectually so that I end up having to work even more. (See also: 6 Rules of a Productive Workspace)

It’s stupid, but we all do it. What I always seem to forget is that the point of working hard isn’t to work more but to get more done. And, if I can do that in less time, I can bugger off and spend the rest of the day doing something significantly more awesome. What that all boils down to is being more productive with the time I have. How? I dug up some research on how to schedule your day for optimal productivity. Check it out in my new post on WiseBread.


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