5 Beginning Investor Mistakes I’ve Made (And You Don’t Have To)

There’s something I’ve noticed about a lot of people who write about investing: They’re either very rich or they work as investment professionals. Now, I don’t think that that makes them unqualified to give advice to those of us who don’t have a seven (or eight!) figure net worth, but it does make it a little hard to identify with them. After all, if I had a million bucks in the bank, putting some of it in riskier investments would be a lot easier to stomach. Ditto for investing other people’s money.

But here’s the thing. I’m an investor, too. I’m not a professional one or a rich one. But I am richer than before I started. And I’m a smarter investor than I was when I started, too. I’m also getting more confident about investing money in the stock market. That said, I made a lot of rookie mistakes along the way. Here are five of the ones that stand out. Read about them in my new post on WiseBread. And try to avoid them, OK?

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