4 Things Fools Overlook in the Home-Buying Process



Wise men say only fools rush in. Actually, Elvis said that. He was referring to love, but he could have been talking about real estate (he did have a seriously sweet pad). But contrary to wise words, buying a home often does happen in a bit of a rush. And here’s where the problem lies…

Real estate transactions are more complicated than they seem. Worse, most homebuyers understand a lot less than they think they do. With this in mind, before you rush into spending hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned dollars, check out a few of the crucial things homebuyers often just don’t understand in my new post on GoldenGirlFinance.com.


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    Read it! The contract I mean. I know we live in a fast pace world and we would rather be told what it says than to read the contract ourselves. But when it comes to buying or selling your home it is worth the time to read all the details.