The Crucial Element of Home Renovations You’re Forgetting



Home renovations rarely go as planned. The job always takes longer, costs more and makes you waaay crazier than your HGTV-fueled dreams can ever account for. Maybe that explains why, according to a recent TD poll, many homeowners forget one very important thing. No, we’re not talking about the latest fixtures or low VOC paint. What most of us are actually forgetting is how renovations will affect our home insurance policy.

Research from TD Insurance found that only 6 percent of homeowners checked their policies before pulling out their tool kits. Unfortunately, this means you may be putting yourself at risk if you have to file an insurance claim. So, in honor of renovation season, let’s take a look at some of the insurance issues homeowners should be aware of – and what can go wrong if you get too focused on design and forget about the bottom line. Read more in my new post on

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