5 Things We’d Love to Ask Warren Buffett



Warren Buffett’s been called all kinds of things: A sage, an oracle, a wizard, the greatest investor who ever lived. In terms of his stock-picking abilities, those terms are hard to argue with. In 2013, he had a net worth of around $50 billion, most of which he earned through many years of very smart investing. But Buffett isn’t just known for his wealth and stock wizardry. In fact, this 82-year-old might be better known for the witty quips and quotes he still delivers with remarkable regularity.

We wanted some insight into what Mr. Buffett is like – and perhaps learn a few of his secrets – so we chatted with Liz Claman, an Emmy Award-winning journalist and anchor at FOX Business Network. Since joining the network in 2007, Claman has spoken with Buffett 27 times, and will be sitting down with him again in May, when she hosts a “Weekend With Warren” live from the Berkshire Hathaway Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

These are the top questions we’d like to ask of the Oracle….but we don’t exactly travel in the same circles. So we brought our questions to Claman. Get some insight into what she’s learned about Buffett so far in my new post on GoldenGirlFinance.com.


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