6 Credit Card Fees You Never Saw Coming



The fact that using a credit card is expensive is hardly shocking news. If you’ve ever carried a balance, the hefty interest rate quickly bears evidence of the compounding cost. Unfortunately, credit card interest is only the start of what a credit card can cost you. In fact, many credit cards have fees you’ve probably never even considered.

The good news: Federally regulated institutions (your bank) are required to tell credit card holders (you) about the fees being charged. More so, credit card applications and agreements must include this information, and consumers must be updated any time these fees are changed.

The reality: Most people don’t pay much attention to the fine print.

With this in mind, I combed through the more obscure and easy-to-overlook credit card fees, so you won’t have to find out about them the hard way…when they land on your statement. Check it out in my new article on GoldenGirlFinance.com.

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