The Data Security Gap Many Companies Overlook



If you’ve never seen a line of kindergarteners marching out of a schoolyard hand in hand, the drill goes something like this: Count the kids, file them out, count them again as they file back in. That’s how a teacher ensures that everyone’s accounted for.

It sounds like common sense, but unfortunately, a lot of companies could learn something from this simple exercise when it comes to securing digital information. As the amount of data stored digitally continues to increase, companies are doing all kinds of things to secure private and corporate information. The problem is, many are leaving a gaping hole wide open when they dispose of old computers and other IT equipment.

Companies face many risks when it comes to data breaches. Some occur digitally, some occur when a piece of hardware is stolen from the site, but the one we tend to hear about least often is the risk of disposing of IT assets.

So what can companies do to ensure they’re protected from all sides? I talked to Kyle Marks, CEO of Retire-IT, about some of the most common risks companies face during disposal. Check it out in my new post on


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