Work-at-Home Reality Check: 6 Myths to Get Over Now

Flickr/EU Social

Flickr/EU Social

Rolling out of bed when you feel like it, kicking back in your stretchy pants and maybe squeezing in a jog at lunch. That’s what working from home is all about, right?

Well, that depends on whether you need to make any money. Although working at home can provide a lot of flexibility, the fact that you don’t have to trudge off to the office to put in your time often makes it feel like a perpetual weekend. For many people, that isn’t a good thing.

On the other hand, working at home can indeed work and be a great way for disciplined do-it-yourselfers to squeeze a little more into each day. We talked to Jennifer Forest, author of “Work Women Want: Work at Home or Go Part-Time” She interviewed work-at-home women about their jobs, their lives and how they make money. Get the lowdown on what working at home is really like…and what it isn’t in my new article on

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