Online Investing: The Modern Convenience You May Be Missing

Flickr/Matt McGee

Flickr/Matt McGee

More than 80 percent of Canadians have Internet access – the highest in the world. Many of us check our email every day, use social media to stay connected to friends and family, and run a web search when we need to know, well, anything. But despite Canadians’ uptake of all things technical, there’s one thing we’re still more comfortable doing the old-fashioned way: investing. According to a poll by TD Direct Investing, 72 percent of Canadians avoid doing it online.

Perhaps you imagine that investing through an online platform involves sweating out the day in front of a dozen computer screens filled with flickering stock charts (it doesn’t), or that buying assets over the Internet is way too complicated (it isn’t), or even that it involves too much risk (it doesn’t have to). Check out a few misconceptions about online investing you can stop worrying about – and why you should – in my new post on


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