20 Great Body Weight Exercises (and Why You Should Do Them)



Maybe you’ll never find yourself in a “Cliffhanger” kind of moment, but I’d venture to say that being able to lift your own body weight — whether with your arms, your legs, or your core — is an important life skill. What better, more basic measure of fitness could there be? The best part of it is that most body weight exercises require little or no equipment of any kind, which means you can practice them anytime, anywhere. That also means most of these exercises come free of charge.

Check out 20 great body weight exercises to try — and some beginner ways to get into them if you aren’t quite ready to go full Stalone – in my new article on WiseBread.com. Combine a few from each category for a great full-body workout. And if you aren’t sure how to do these, click through the links for demos and explanations.


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