Buying a Car: How to Avoid the Money Traps

Flickr/Telstar Logistics

Flickr/Telstar Logistics

The stereotype of a car salesman (or, to be fair, woman) isn’t pretty: Pushy, aggressive and willing to tell us whatever it takes to send us rolling out of the dealership in a new set of wheels. But, of course, that isn’t the whole story. Maybe no salesperson worth his or her salt is likely to be too liberal with particulars about pricing, but in many cases the truth – and the way to a better deal – is right in front of a buyer’s eyes. The key then to getting a fair price on a car is all about knowing where to look.

We asked Viraf Baliwalla, owner of Automall Network, for some insider tips on the traps car buyers often fall into – and how to avoid them. Read them all in my new article on

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