7 Stocks That Suffered Huge Losses in 2012



January is often promoted as the time for a fresh start: time to clear out your closets, spruce up your diet and clean up your act. For investors, it can also be a time for renewal and reflection.  What this often means is selling those losing stocks you’ve lost faith in – the ones you no longer believe will shed their ugly duckling status. (Hopefully you did this in December during tax loss season to take advantage of the capital loss!)

We took a look at some of the stocks that are most likely to land on some investors’ hit lists this year. Not necessarily because they’re bad stocks or all hope is lost, but because they’ve declined so precipitously that they’ve become pretty hard to love – at least for those holding them. Check out some of the biggest losers of 2012. Will investors find a reason to love them, or let them go at a loss? Read more in my article on GoldenGirlFinance.com: http://goldengirlfinance.com/inspiration/?post_id=1111

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