How to Find the Right Job and Stay Satisfied at Work



In the big world of Internet memes, the ones about Monday, that first day of the workweek, feature tortured expressions, people fleeing from some terrifying assailant, even blood. It says a lot about how so many people feel about their work: They hate it. In a household survey of 1,890 respondents conducted by Nielsen company in 2011, not even half (47.2 percent) of workers said they were satisfied with their jobs. And that’s the highest level of satisfaction recorded since 2008. Only 15.4 percent of respondents said they were “very happy” with their work.

The reasons? A Kelly Services survey found that much of the workforce didn’t feel valued by their employers; a similar proportion were seeking more engagement and challenge in their work.

Sometimes, work is just hard. That’s the reality of being paid to do a job. But that doesn’t mean that that job has to feel like a daily grind all the time. And it shouldn’t. Here’s how to make your work count so that you can excel at your career and even stay in the game a little longer. Read more in my new article on


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