4 Tips for Making Resolutions Stick



New Year’s resolutions have become a bit of a cliché, especially when you consider the statistics — according to a 2002 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 19% of people who make resolutions are still sticking to them after two years. So what’s the point?

As much as I cling to the cynical view, I’m all for resolutions for one simple reason — results. Resolutions really work, and I’m not just speaking anecdotally. Among the people who make resolutions in a typical year, 46% keep them for at least six months, compared to only 4% of a comparable group of people who wanted to make changes and thought about doing so, but stopped short of actually making that commitment. In other words, the power of a New Year’s resolution may not be so much in how you make it or what you resolve to do, but whether you actually make a resolution at all.

Pretty cool, huh? There is one snag, though — most of us don’t know what a resolution really is. Read more in my new post on WiseBread.com: http://bit.ly/TrNqWJ


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