Investment Fraud: 4 Ways to Make Yourself a Target


Think you’re too smart, savvy or sensible to fall for investment fraud? Maybe so. According to the 2012 CSA Investor Index, only 4.6 percent of Canadians reported falling for financial fraud. But while that number is small, it’s on the rise. More tellingly, most Canadians aren’t confident they have the skills to steer clear of the next big scam. In fact, more than half said they felt they were just as likely to become victims as anyone else. How’s that for confidence?

The reality is that skilled scammers are pros at avoiding suspicion. But that doesn’t mean you have to play ignorant and hope they’ll pass you by. In fact, many of the behaviours that are common among investors – especially inexperienced ones – can make them primed for investment fraud. Are you making yourself an easy target? Find out in my new article on


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