Honesty Really Is the Best Policy, Especially at Work

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Admit it — sometimes you’re a little bit jealous of the super-rich. You know who we’re talking about — those guys with jets and luxury yachts and villas in the Mediterranean; who (we imagine) fiendishly rub their hands together as they hang $6,000 shower curtains, wash themselves with liquid gold, and pat themselves dry with crisp $100 bills. Sure, we all scoff at just how unnecessary billions of dollars are; we cringe at the excess. But there’s something else, too. A little bit of jealousy?

Sure, many of us wouldn’t turn away a fortune, but sometimes what we hear in the news makes it seem like it just isn’t possible to get there — at least not honestly. And to be perfectly frank, for most of us, it isn’t possible. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that being dishonest is the way to the top. In fact, honesty is still the best policy — even in business. Find out why in my new post on WiseBread: http://bit.ly/SW2ryT

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