Got a Problem? Why You Should Figure It Out Yourself


An aunt of mine recently asked me what the Internet was for. Of course, she has email and knows how to use a computer, but she just couldn’t understand why I found having access to all that information so exciting.

“Well, I can look up anything!” I told her — and I often do. Whether I’m searching for statistics for a story I’m writing or I’m just trying to remember what that great restaurant we went to a few years back was called, I can call the information up any time I want.

My aunt, though, is from a different generation — one that I have a hard time even imagining. If you wanted to know something, you could find it in a book, you could ask around, or you just figure it out for yourself. While I won’t be giving up my Internet connection, like, ever, I’m wondering why I don’t take the time to figure things out myself more often, rather than running straight to Google. Come to think of it, there are some good reasons for taking the extra time. Check then out in my new post on


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