How to Use Twitter to Land a Tech Job


Need a job? If you’ve been struggling to find one (and we mean a decent one), there’s a good chance your bank balance is telling you so, along with some combination of your parents, spouse, aunts, uncles and the nosy old couple next door. Virtually every pore of your body might be screaming “hire me!” But the companies you are applying to may not be getting the message.

Just ask Brenden Sherratt, who works in social media and marketing at, a product search engine designed to help consumers make product decisions. After months of poring over employment ads and sending out resumes, he tapped into his online networks and landed a job in just a few short weeks.

So how did Sherratt turn a stagnant job search into a multiple offer situation? Well, it all boils down to 140 characters. Check out how Sherratt used Twitter to get noticed – and hired – in my new article at

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