How to Do Less – And Why You Should


What are you doing right now? Yeah, like right now. What are actually doing? If you’re at work or running on the treadmill or doing laundry, you probably feel pretty smug about how busy and productive you are, don’t you? But what about if you’re just, well, layin’ around? Checking out the texture of the ceiling; settling into the couch. Does that question make you feel defensive? Maybe even a little guilty?

I’d say for most people that’s pretty typical. I know it is for me. After all, there’s a certain amount of shame that comes with leaving the dishes in sink, turning off the computer, and just vegging out. But if getting things done is so important, why oh why does doing nothing feel sooo good? I have a theory — because in doing nothing, you’re accomplishing a lot more than you think. In that respect, I think actually managing to do less is mostly a mindset. Check out my thoughts on how to do less and accomplish more in my new post on WiseBread:

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