What Is Your Time Worth?

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If a top hedge fund manager takes out his own garbage, you could say that walk to the end of the driveway cost him more than $100,000. When you earn $3.9 billion in one year, your time comes to be worth a lot — even when you’re not working. That’s because time and money have a very tight relationship. If you earn a lot of money through a high-powered career like managing a hedge fund, you won’t have much time for a personal life. And you certainly won’t have to take out your own garbage. Having more personal time tends to mean having less money. That is, unless you earn so much that you can buy it. But while everyone likes to use the quip that “time is money,” especially when they’re feeling impatient, this equation doesn’t always add up in quite the way people think. Want to know what your time is worth? Read more about it in my new post on WiseBread: http://bit.ly/HjrOIN


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