How to Be a More Positive Person


I come from a family of borne curmudgeons. When the wind kicked up, my dad would proclaim it had been brought in to ruin his carefully coifed side part. My mom often tempers good news with something like, “Well, it’s better than a kick in the head.”

How’s that for positive?

As you might imagine, I am, by my very nature, prone to pessimism. The old glass isn’t just half empty, it’s probably too cold, or not cold enough…or maybe I never asked for water in the first place, and it just figures that I ended up getting served it in a joint like this. So, anyway…I always sort of imagined that being a positive person was for people who wear flowers in their hair and eat organic food and think the world is a beautiful, nurturing place just bursting with possibility. Meanwhile, I can’t help getting stuck on depressing stuff like politics and tsunamis and the birds that poop on my car the minute I’ve washed it.  Nowadays I’d say I’m more of a recovering killjoy. Find out what I learned along the  way in my new post on WiseBread:


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