How To Retire Early


I’m a long way from retirement, but I’ve definitely had those days. You know the ones I mean — when you’re tired and irritable, when it’s cold and gray and windy, when everything feels like more of the same old thing, when you haven’t had time to do your laundry let alone spend time with your friends, and, on top of it all, the thought of grinding out a few more decades at the office seems utterly insurmountable.

If you hear the word “retirement” on a day like that, it probably sounds a lot more like “emancipation” (I know it does for me). After all, if you didn’t have to work, you could spend more time with your family and your friends, catch up on your golf game, take up new hobbies, travel the world…

Hold on a minute. If you’re slipping away into sweet reverie, you might need a reality check. Here it goes. Retiring early is no dream — it’s a goal, and an ambitious one at that. That isn’t to say you can’t or shouldn’t go for it. But unless you strike it rich in the lottery, succeeding at retiring early will mean careful planning, hard work, and near-superhuman self discipline. Read my new post at to learn more:

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