BYOT: What It Means for IT


BYOT, or “bring your own technology” – also simply known as BYO or “bring your own device” (BYOD) – is more than just an IT trend: It’s a new a way of life. And while BYOT may have its roots with executives, who’ve long demanded the ability to use the latest mobile devices for work, it has spread among the ranks, along with the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers. The catchphrase often heard in discussions of BYOT is “consumerization of IT.” In other words, it’s no longer just the geeks or the execs that want the best technology.

Not long ago, employees were thrilled simply to have a company phone. Now, employees become angry when stuck with anything other than the latest and greatest models. As people increase dependence on personal mobile devices in many life areas, it’s no wonder they want to be able to access company emails and applications without giving up the convenience of their favorite devices.

After all, these are devices they’ve chosen, are comfortable with and are already integrated into many areas of their lives. The company provided Blackberry will no longer do for the guy who is in love with his iPhone. It makes perfect sense, so it’s little wonder that many companies are making the decision to allow and support BYOT.

Or, at least, that’s the pitch from management. Read more about this emerging trend in my new article on


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