Are You Frugal Or Cheap?

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It seems that when it comes to money, many people fit into one of two groups: those who carefully count and save every penny they earn, and those who blow through their paychecks so fast they hardly know what hit them. In writing about money, I’ve spent a lot of time watching how other people talk about, spend, and manage theirs. And while the term “frugal” has become chic in recent years, it’s my observation that some people take it too far — way too far. While I do my best to avoid debt, put away for retirement, and save money where I can, I have no interest in shivering through the winter under a single light bulb just to keep my costs down — and boy am I grateful that I have the luxury to make that choice. So what’s the difference between frugal and cheap? And do you know when you’ve crossed the line? Find out more in my new post on WiseBread:


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