4 Tips for Living Spontaneously on the Cheap

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By nature, I am not a spontaneous person. I’m a worrier, a planner, and occasionally a make-sure-every-detail-is-just-so nutcase. But I have an airtight excuse for my lack of impulsivity — I don’t have enough money.  A big pile of money has always seemed like the ticket to freedom for me, and while I enjoy a simple life, some days I just want the whole world — more travel, more of a social life, more stuff — basically, just the ability to say “yes” any time the mood strikes. The problem is, this brand of carefree is at odds with most people’s budgets — and certainly with mine. What to do? While you can’t have it all, I think there are some simple ways to fit spontaneity into your frugal life. Check out my suggestions in my new post on WiseBread: http://bit.ly/tdjzuq

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