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Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t buy the notion that the explosion of online news and information sites has changed what readers want. Whether they’re catching up on online news with the help of a smartphone or scanning through a morning newspaper, readers are still drawn by good writing from sources they can trust.  So, creating content for the Web is all about taking a time-tested product and finding new ways to package it – not to mention leveraging the unique assets of the online space – with the goal of delivering quality content in new and better ways. The media may change, but the goal is the same.

Getting clicks is a whole lot easier than building a true audience. That’s why in the big, anonymous world of online readers, most people are much smarter than these reductive measures make them out to be. And while they may be drawn in by search-engine optimized content or flashy headlines, if a website doesn’t deliver, those readers aren’t likely to be lured in again soon. This is why many websites that rely on cheap tricks to drive traffic will eventually be relegated to obscurity.

Search engine optimization, social networking and other tricks of the trade are important tools for anyone looking to create content online, but it’s websites that deliver something of value to their audiences that are likely to enjoy long-term, sustained levels of traffic.  As a writer and editor with years of experience in the online space, I’ve learned that if you write for human beings first and computers second, the rest will take care of itself.

There’s still no substitute for valuable, original Web-optimized content. I can help you create content that will not only drive traffic to your website, but that people will seek out, read and remember. Email me with questions, comments or for a quote.

Tara Struyk
Writer and Editor
Verse – Re-Verse